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It's no secret that sports fans are ready to show their pride wherever they can. Whether you intend to add these personalized products to your team store's inventory, or peddle them at a game or special event, our custom kukui nut lei is an attractive product at an attractive price point, and one of our best sellers. Brought to you by The Kukui Nut Company.

The numbers speak for themselves...

Kahuna Fundraising has helped raise over $1 Million for schools, teams and other organizations.

"We love these unique kukui nut leis, and so do our customers! Men, women, boys and girls alike sport them at school sporting events, and they are durable enough to hang in a car, throw in a bag, or display in a locker without losing their appeal."

Joseph H

Counselor, Highland Park HS

"Our students and parents loved the school-colored kukui leis we offered at this year's homecoming festivities so much, we're going to reorder for the winter season!"

Jack B

Coach, Flower Mound, TX

"School spirit is big in Texas, especially during football season. We were proud to offer Kahuna's unique, school-colored Kukui leis and bracelets in our team store last year, and will definitely keep up the tradition."

Jake S

Williams High School

"We have worked with Kahuna for several years at graduation, and are always pleased with their service. When they showed us their new Kukui Nut products, we were thrilled to offer them at sporting events for additional year-round fundraising."

John S

Allen High School, TX

Product Choices

All products are customizable by color, text and logo where applicable.

Custom Kukui Nut Lei

Customized with your colors, logo and/or text

Custom Kukui Macrame Bracelet

Customized kukuis in handwoven macrame

Custom Kukui Solid Bracelet

Customized with your colors, logo and/or text

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